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Riina Tonisson


Riina had been a long-time client of mine and has always invested in her skin with advanced skincare products for home use coupled with multiple micro-needling sessions to keep her skin healthy, strong, and flawless. In 2018, she fell and suffered intense injuries including facial wounds, cuts, bruises, and cheekbone fractures which resulted in very noticeable scarring on her face.


I chose Riina as my case study because as you can imagine, a woman as beautiful as she is, Riina found dealing with her new face very confronting and it left her in a fragile and delicate state. Being able to achieve such an outstanding result for Riina and completely transform her scar tissue into something that is now hard to spot unless you are looking for it, has left me with feelings of deep satisfaction and joy. And it is my pleasure to share with you the process in which we achieved these great results. 

"Jen is the most gentle, caring, and knowledgeable beautician out there. She is passionate about what she does, makes you feel completely at home when you are in her salon, and explained every step of the way to me so that I was comfortable and confident during the process. I had a bad fall 3 years ago and my face was cut badly.


As we know, for a female it’s a huge drama thinking you may be scared forever. I didn’t know what to do or where to go, let alone when was the right time to do something. I thought only the most expensive plastic surgeon would be able to help me. I was so stressed out. That is until I saw Jennifer. She told me not to worry and that she can fix this. At first, it was hard to believe, but I trusted her anyway and our scar healing journey started. Within a year my scar was gone. I'm forever thankful for Jennifer.

Not to mention she has the most advanced care for your body, not just for your face with her new wellbeing machines - Hocatt and PEMF. The sessions I had with these devices made me feel like a new person". - RIINA

Rach Fox


I developed acne as soon as I turned 13 and have had it on and off up until I met Jen. I had used all sorts of products and seen a lot of beauticians in my attempts to correct my skin.


I first broke out on my forehead, nose, and chin but it was particularly bad on my forehead. I tried a few different products including Proactiv but none helped. I eventually saw a beautician for microdermabrasion facials. She got me onto a good skincare routine and changed my habits in regards to the way I was treating my skin (e.g. picking my pimples!) This helped and slowly the acne around my t-zone cleared up but I'd continue to get the odd breakout.

I continued to get an annual facial (if that) into my mid 20's but slowly my skincare routine and good habits I'd developed started slipping. At 23 I was diagnosed with PCOS and the following year I was diagnosed with endometriosis so it was not great timing for me to drop the ball on my skin.


About 18 months before I first saw Jen, I started developing pretty bad acne again. It was completely different from how it was when I was a teenager. Rather than small whiteheads on my forehead and blackheads on my nose, it was mostly cystic blind pimples concentrated almost entirely on one side of my face and a bit on my chin.

My GP prescribed a topical cream which did nothing but dry out my skin like crazy and I discontinued it after 3 months. I went back to a beautician and completely changed my skincare products but my skin continued to get WORSE.


My naturopath was also pretty stumped as to how to tackle it. I got to the point where I was waking up in the morning and my face actually hurt because of all the congestion. I was pretty desperate when thankfully a family member referred me to Jen. In my first consult at Embellish Inc, Jen came up with a comprehensive plan to tackle my skin issues. By this point, I was fairly convinced it was an impossible task to correct my skin but Jen assured me we could fix it.

The plan included facials, new skincare products and treatments from the Lira Clinical range as well as some LED sessions to get my skin back to a place of functioning. We also added sessions in the HOCATT, which is internal saturation of oxygen and ozone - which has been vital to stabilization. Until meeting Jen at Embellish Inc, topical solutions hadn't been working and I'm sure my internal issues were affecting my skin.

The HOCATT is super beneficial for both PCOS and endometriosis. Between Hocatt and the Lira Clinical Smart Peels + home care, everything has changed. After only 3 months of seeing Jen, my skin improved dramatically. The congestion started to disappear and there were no new pimples popping up to take their place. The pain and inflammation began to dissipate quickly, and before we knew it I no longer had cystic acne. Over the months we added in the Skinopherisis from Skindividuals to infuse my home care range. After having 6 smart peels, 5 LEDs, and 8 Hocatt treatments I can finally go outside without putting makeup on, which was big for me because I can't stand putting makeup on every day. Over the last few months, the scar tissue has also almost fully resolved. Jen's dedication and attentiveness made me feel really comfortable and reassured throughout the process. For the first time in forever, I have the confidence of knowing my skin is in good hands!

Greg Sawyer 37

I came to see Jen after a friend recommended I try the Hocatt to see if it would help my psoriasis. At that point in time, I was broken and busted after serving for 12 years in the special forces which included 3 tours to Afghanistan.


Unfortunately, my last tour was particularly traumatic. I suffered trauma associated with TBI (traumatic brain injury) from a bomb blast. The side effects from this incident have been taking up a lot of space in my life since 2012. Since the incident I've been living with frontal lobe damage, PTSD, chronic psoriasis, sexual dysfunction, chronic stress, chronic insomnia, anxiety, extreme depression, a prolapsed disc, discectomy, patellar tendinitis, and patellar tendinopathy.

Skepticism was at the front of my mind on my way to the appointment after trying almost everything available to improve psoriasis and insomnia as well as many other symptoms.

However, on my arrival at Embellish Inc, and meeting Jen, I felt instantly at ease. Her salon had such a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and her calm and confident manner helped me to relax into the idea of trying yet another 'treatment'.

Within minutes of being in Jen’s care, her communication and knowledge set her aside from other failed experiences with medical practitioners. I immediately felt safe and comfortable with her nurturing, understanding, and knowledgeable communication and guidance on the equipment being used at Embellish Inc.

After working with Jen and the BIOSCIENCE devices, including the Hocatt and PEMF, we've seen a significant transformation in so many of the burdens I've carried for too long. I now sleep through the night regularly and my psoriasis has reduced 10 fold. I had been at the point where my skin and tattoos held a constant infection due to impaired barrier and microbiome and this has now been resolved. My inflammation has reduced substantially, my stress and anxiety are now manageable and my day-to-day capacity to function is returning to the version of the self I used to know. I'm also regaining athletic strength and ability at an accelerated pace and I can now drive my car for trips longer than an hour thanks to reduced pain levels.

My physiotherapist made a comment on the sizable improvement he noticed within the first week of treatment with Jen, and so many other areas of my life are improving by the day.

As trust has developed with Jen throughout our daily consultations she has been able to support me in ways that no other practitioner has taken the lead. Once I disclosed to Jen some of the finer details about the sexual dysfunction associated with frontal lobe damage, on the spot she was able to recommend PRP treatment with a plastic surgeon to help restore function to a level that doesn't require other systems to initiate the natural process.

Jen again put on her research cap after another daily consultation conversation around the TBI. She later came back to me with the suggestion of NAD+ with intravenous to support and redevelop the neuro tissues after looking into therapeutic doses and their effect on brain damage.

Because we've embraced treatment as frequently as daily since mid-March my body did go into a bit of a detox state. As we were in the initial correction phase, we did see some detox symptoms showing up on my skin with breakouts forming on my forehead and shoulders. Jen suggested a facial and some home care products and I've been blown away by what a wonderful ritual her facials are. Facials have now become my preferred method of stress management. I’ve been amazed at her attention to detail and the energy she invests into her treatments. I‘ve fallen asleep many times and then pleasantly returned to consciousness and found myself speaking of how delighted I’ve been by the whole process.

I've become a walking advertisement for Jen and her business Embellish Inc. Not only have I not stopped talking about how many improvements it's made in my life but I’ve also converted 7 now regular customers to her from my local network and they have all reported back on their health transformations and the level of care they receive from Jen.

I am indebted to Jen for how much her support, direction, and treatments have transformed my life. She has always maintained a high level of professionalism, discretion, and comforting care while helping me find my way to recovery.



I have experienced various forms of acne for the past 5 years. This started as teen acne, situated on my forehead, and then transcended to hormonal cystic acne. I worked with a Naturopath who tested me and discovered I had a hormonal imbalance. Alongside her prescribed herbs I harnessed Jen’s recommendations of Lira products as well as facials to alleviate the pain and cystic acne accompanied by the hormonal imbalance.

Because of the deep, lump acne on my cheeks, in the past, I have felt extremely reluctant as well as embarrassed to go to a beauty salon. I didn't want to feel judged over my skin, because I knew how much I didn't want to touch or even look at my breakouts, let alone have someone else do that. From the moment I met Jen, I found her facials not only highly effective at removing the lumps underneath my skin (to which I had had no previous success at removing) but her demeanor towards me so very positive, even over the small changes my skin had made. This authentic care and positivity are what characterizes Embellish Inc.


Over the years, I have invested multitudes of money into various skin care products which claim to have the ability to clear up my acne. Time and time again, I have found myself disappointed with the lack of progression, as well as further flaring up in my skin after using these products. After finding the Lira Clinical Range, I noticed a major, major improvement in my skin health, specifically being, an increase in hydration, decrease in scarring, and decrease in flare-ups.

Particularly, one significant improvement when using this range was the ceasing of blackheads. Before using the Lira Clinical Range, I had been particularly prone to these on my forehead, nose, and cheeks, which would then flare up into active acne.


Jen not only has a wealth of knowledge around the mechanics of the skin and how to trigger the best responses with a prescribed Lira home skincare regime and in-salon Lira facials but in line with the ethos of Embellish Inc Jen has an authentic drive to transform her client’s skin. I have seen this clearly in my own experience with her and the range, as well as in the lives of other clients of hers.

Jen has such an in-depth understanding of every single ingredient used in the Lira Clinical Range. I love that with any question I have about an ingredient or benefit, she can talk about it for hours and hours. I've noticed that Jen not only makes the facials so relaxing, allowing you to hit pause from the constant demands of modern life but also that Lira delivers such exceptional results, which I have never experienced with any other range or clinic.

I always receive such sweet messages from Jen every couple of days post peel to check that I'm ok which reinforces Jen’s passion and commitment to not only her brand but to her product, Lira Clinical.

Not only do I see phenomenal results from Lira Clinical, but I also witness Jen’s social media constantly uplifting her clients, celebrating every single success from small to big. I find this fosters the ability for myself and her other clients I am sure, to create a positive self-image, which can be hard when experiencing complicated skin issues as it can consume your self-image, mood, and outlook on life.

I love Jen and am eternally grateful for her services and for introducing me to Lira Clinical.

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