What makes it BETTER than the rest?


HOCATT™ takes the holistic approach, using a combination of powerful, natural technologies perfectly sequenced to boost energy, enhance circulation, strengthen the immune system and detoxify the body down to cellular level.

Experience the

The HOCATT™ is not just one technology – there is A LOT going on in this bad boy!


1. Transdermal Ozone

2. CO2 / Carbonic Acid

3. Whole Body Hyperthermia (WBH) Far infrared

4. Whole Body Hyperthermia (WBH) Steam sauna

5. High-Intensity PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields)

6. Frequency Specific Microcurrents

7. Passive Exercise with Oxygen Breathing

8. Essential Oil Infusions

9. Photon Light & Colors

10. Ultraviolet Irradiation

Other technologies, such as cryotherapy, hyperbaric chambers, autohemotherapy, etc. deliver great benefits. However, they can only deliver ONE single modality. Even if you were to use several of these technologies, you have to use them one at a time.

With just 30 minutes inside the HOCATT™ you get 10 technologies simultaneously! So it’s actually quite unfair to compare other technologies to the powerhouse combination that the HOCATT™ has to offer! Any one individual device won’t provide the collective responses that the HOCATT™ can give you.

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HOCATT™ is the only device that simultaneously works on ALL major systems in the body.

The HOCATT™ gives the body more energy that it can use right off the bat. This is vital for maintaining optimal wellness and vitality.

The combined technologies used in the HOCATT™ have been carefully chosen through extensive scientific consideration. They have been chosen not only because they are powerful individually, but because of how exceedingly powerful they become when they work together in the HOCATT™. This is why the HOCATT™ has such tremendous VALUE: in addition to receiving these 10 technologies in one session, because of the way they support and potentiate one another — you get even better results!


This is one of the many great things about the HOCATT™. It allows you to do everything you need to do to everything you need to do to achieve optimal wellness and vitality, or to reach a peak state of performance, and it delivers this to you all at the same time, for just 30 minutes out of your day! So in this way, the HOCATT™ gives you MORE TIME. And not just in terms of wellness and longevity, but literally more time in your day.

If you had to try and do all of these technologies individually, not only would you miss out on the collective benefits, but it would take hours to get through them all! Hours of precious time that some people don’t have to waste. Hours that you could be spending living life to the fullest.


Always bear in mind that everyone is different. People can respond differently to different things, so something that works for one person might not work for someone else. When a person doesn’t respond to one thing, they have to try another thing and see if that works, and then if that doesn’t work they have to try something else, and so on… This can be a long and expensive process. Unfortunately, most people spend a lot of time and money on the things that DON’T work before they find something that DOES work for them.

The HOCATT™ has the advantage of a “shot-gun” effect, by applying multiple technologies simultaneously. Most people soak up ALL the benefits of the HOCATT™, but what if you already know that you won’t respond to one of the individual technologies? Not a problem! With its “shot-gun” effect, you can be sure that something in the HOCATT™ will work, and through its use the HOCATT™ can even help people start responding to those technologies that were not working for them initially!

The HOCATT™ gives you the opportunity to try something affordable, yet extremely effective. Why spend more money on several separate devices when you can get MORE benefits and a MORE powerful, collective response from the HOCATT™?


HOCATT™ puts you ahead of the game, whether it be in business, physical or mental performance, wellness and vitality, or quality of life. The HOCATT™ system gives you that edge. It literally puts your body in a heightened state, which allows your body to function beyond the limitations of today’s world. HOCATT™ is the most powerful life-enhancer and youth-protector that you will ever find!

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For all facials, pedicures and sauna treatments a $10 COVID fee applies due to extra hygiene measures. Please fill out a COVID-19 client health questionnaire before attending your appointment.COMPLETE QUESTIONNAIRE
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