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HOCATT™ takes the holistic approach, using a combination of powerful, natural technologies perfectly sequenced to boost energy, enhance circulation, strengthen the immune system and detoxify the body down to cellular level.

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HOCATT™ is the only device that simultaneously works on ALL major systems in the body.

The HOCATT™ gives the body more energy that it can use right off the bat. This is vital for maintaining optimal wellness and vitality.

The combined technologies used in the HOCATT™ have been carefully chosen through extensive scientific consideration. They have been chosen not only because they are powerful individually, but because of how exceedingly powerful they become when they work together in the HOCATT™. This is why the HOCATT™ has such tremendous VALUE: in addition to receiving these 10 technologies in one session, because of the way they support and potentiate one another — you get even better results!


Hocatt in a nutshell is the source of restoration. Within this advanced technology, transdermal oxygen and ozone work beautifully together. The ozone cleans out bacteria, fungus, viruses and calcified cells in the body so that the oxygen can restore, revive and balance your body and leaves you feeling your best with a slow release and stable energy source so you can go about your busy way of life.
When the body has a rich uptake of pure medical grade oxygen not only will it feed the cell mitochondria but it will leave a healthy environment for the rest of the cellular DNA/RNA and cytoplasm. 
Ozone is nature’s sterilization process and has been used medicinally as well as in hospitals for over a century. Ozone has a wonderful anti-inflammatory response in our body and converts back to oxygen when it’s finished cleaning up, again building up our energy stores.
FSM (frequency specific microcurrent) works on the relationship between the brain and body. It’s designed to reconnect our afferent and efferent neuro-transmitters with their reaction points in our body. This is a gentle yet effective way to allow our body to heal itself.
Far infrared, an on trend wellness modality, is very much a part of our system. It’s purpose within the Hocatt is to soften and warm from the inside out, allowing our cells, fascia, soft tissues, muscles and nervous system to absorb as much oxygen as possible during your treatment. It also keeps you cosy and warm inside the chamber.
Steam sauna has been used since the dawn of time. In this instance it’s about the transdermal delivery of ozone and oxygen. The steam exfoliates dead skin cells, it softens the hair follicles allowing the ozone and oxygen to travel into the capillaries at the base of the follicle and then onto the lymphatic system.
Aromatherapy, a natural medicine, again being part of our lives for centuries with immune balancing properties and other healing benefits can be applied in the treatment via the steam jets within the sauna for a personalised touch.
EWOT (exercise with oxygen therapy) is the inhalation of medical grade oxygen which has been the first choice for athletes, actors, public speakers, politicians and many others who need focused attention on performing at top levels. The pure oxygen amplifies clarity, concentration and capability. When medical grade oxygen reaches the lower cavity of our lungs it encourages the rest of our circulatory system to perform at peak performance.
We have a heart rate monitor attached to our machine to monitor and track your passive exercise which comes as a side effect of ozone and oxygen uptake. Passive exercise is cleverly included as part of the system to allow people with chronic conditions to still enjoy the benefits of exercise without exhausting their systems or drain energy source rather it builds on it while protecting joints and ligaments.
Hocatt is a modern device designed to be used with modern medicine and can aid in increasing the positive effects of medications with assisting in the process of side effects through the sweat released during a Hocatt session.

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For all facials, pedicures and sauna treatments a $10 COVID fee applies due to extra hygiene measures. Please fill out a COVID-19 client health questionnaire before attending your appointment.COMPLETE QUESTIONNAIRE
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