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Beauty and Bioscience is the heart of salon life at Embellish Inc, a Northern Beaches beauty salon offering more than just your traditional beauty services. Jen Dixon, the salon owner, recognized a need for treating the client from a whole perspective, rather than focussing on the surface only. It was from her passion to see incredible and real results that Jen birthed an environment that offers bioscience as well as beauty therapy, and the proof is in the pudding - Jen is sought after and known for creating lasting and real anti-aging results that keep her clientele coming back for more time and time again.


Jen studied beauty therapy at the prestigious college, Ella Bache, at the ripe age of 19. She found her calling from the first day that she walked into the beauty room. Beauty fills Jen's heart with joy, it is her source of inspiration for personal and professional development. The salon came to life in 2006 and has been a beautiful work in progress ever since. Jen's salon was first named Element of Beauty and then rebranded to Embellish Inc. years later. Building a salon that nurtures each person every time they walk through the doors, keeping them groomed to perfection and continually fighting the clock, and reversing the signs of aging is Jen's passion.

"Throughout the years, there has been one constant in my life which I have noticed - my love for beauty and the people that walk through my salon doors never ceases and continues to grow. Now that's a beautiful thing" - Jen


Being well, being whole, has become an integral part of Jen's life after being diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease. Living through the symptoms of this disease for years before being diagnosed, Jens health suffered. She found that time to be scary and debilitating and it was from that place that she began her journey to find alternative therapies. After years of research, testing, and trying she discovered technology and therapies that relieved her symptoms and transformed her life. Now, helping others to find their own intrinsic age reversal, internal support, and relief of symptoms from chronic conditions is a fundamental part of what she does at the salon.

"Being able to help others feel well, function at their best, and achieve their goals is a field that I can see myself working in more and more. The truth is, when you feel well, you look well. Beauty truly does come from within" - Jen

Jennifer Dixon

Beautician and owner

I studied my Beauty Diploma full time in 2004 at Ella Bache College of Beauty therapy. I was entering my 19th year in life, and this was the first wow moment I had. It was the first time I understood what passion meant. I was accepted for a position at Mosman Ella Bache in June 2004, this was a role of huge importance to me, as that Salon was the only flag ship store to the franchise. They had a standard of practice for their therapists so high, there was a lot of post grad training which I was proudly certified in.



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