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Jennifer Dixon


Why do I do what I do?

Building confidence in people is a wonderful thing, as is nurturing your own self care, being the person that gets to be a part of that ritual is my “Why” in life, when I first developed my understanding for this I realised this is what I want to do with my life. With 16yrs as a practicing skin therapist I live, breath and love what Beauty Therapy involves, What I want for my people is also what I want for my own beauty needs: RESULTS. As the years go by anti-ageing has become my passion. It’s important for me to find products, services and systems that actually work. This is the complete foundation of my business – you must see and feel a difference. Passionately a practicing therapist since 2004 and self employed salon owner continuously from 2006. It’s become an interest and a priority for me to become a sustainable salon as we all know the importance of working against climate change. Your beauty treatments are now a contributing element to reducing the carbon foot print. Sustainable salons take away 75% of the salons consumable waste and recycling and work with organisations who make good use of it. I have found products that are not only a part of my business but also my personal daily life including:
  • Plasma Fibroblast lift
  • Pollogen Super facials
  • RF skin tightening
  • Oxygen facials
  • Hydrabrasion Aqua Renew
  • Micro Needling-the Vampire facial
  • LED- Celluma Pro with Infrared
  • Lira Clincal Smart Peels
  • Bio Line Lifting Code
  • PHYTS Naturoasthetic
  • Doterra Essential Oils
  • Three Warriors Tan
  • Sustainable salons

Working with these products and systems I can honestly say are the highlights of my business and my personal secret to looking and feeling so youthful. Purpose for me is being able to give my clients serious results, non-invasive and or with minimal down time with various pathways to be looking and living your best. I am a treatment enthusiast myself and am always experimenting with what’s out there and knowing the full effect of the treatments and the outcome of your experience. This gives me much excitement and overwhelming gratitude to be able to share and teach you the best for your skin health, and your most gorgeous you.

with love from Jennifer and Buttons
For all facials, pedicures and sauna treatments a $10 COVID fee applies due to extra hygiene measures. Please fill out a COVID-19 client health questionnaire before attending your appointment.COMPLETE QUESTIONNAIRE
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