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Plasma Fibroblast Lift

A rejuvenation treatment with long term results, using plasma energy to create micro trauma or micro crusts to give skin tightening and lifting effects to an area of concern such as crows feet, hooded eye lids, jowls or to soften nasolabial folds. The treatment includes a 30mins LED treatment, plasma lift to one area of the face or body, pre/post care of retail size Lira Clinical Bio
Hydra C Serum PSC, Pro Lite Serum with PSC and Solar Shield SPF. RRP value of $297

120 mins | $850
Skin tag removal
$25 per tag
Milia removal
$15 per milia
Diathermy removal
$25 per capillary
Cherry angioma
$15 per lesion


Plasma Facial

A highly effective treatment using plasma current to deliver results with collagen lifting and by gently separating the barrier of the skin to infuse the Lira Clinical range. Lira Clinical is a plant based product with plant stem cells, peptides and actives to create a dramatic anti-inflammatory result as well as hydrating the skin to the deepest level. Lira Clinical is a luxury skin care range ensuring you relax to spa therapy levels during the treatment. It is an outstanding combination of modern science and distinct sensory experience to perfect your skin.

55 mins | $210
including neck and décolletage $280

Phyt’s Panacee Facial

Where science meets nature, the Panacee treatment infuses powerful certified organic active ingredients of Edelweiss and Rosemary for antioxident delivery of Acmella, Rye and Brown Algae to reduce wrinkles and improve skin tonicity with Punarnva to combat pigmentation. Treatment serums are infused with ultrasound to condition beyond the epidermis, the Panacee sensory journey takes you through a bed of roses, a coconut dream then awakens you with a rosemary skin tonic.

90 mins | $330

Hyalurosound Facial

A 4 step cleanse, pumpkin enzyme exfoliation, AquaRenew hydrabrasion exfoliation, hyaluronic gel masque to cool and calm the skin with ultrasound infusion which penetrates through the epidermal layer for a plump, protected and hydrated finish. Suitable for the most sensitive skins.

60 mins | $200

Hyaluronic Acid Infusion

The hyaluronic gel masque cools and calms the skin with ultrasound infusion which penetrates through the epidermal layer for a plump, protected and hydrated finish. Suitable for the most sensitive skins.

30 mins | $100

Hydrabrasion Exfoliation

AquaRenew’s new era of diamond tip microdermabrasion infuses water into the skin for a deeper cleanse and removal of dead skin cells. A more effective exfoliation than traditional micro but with less irritation.

20 mins | $80

Hydrabrasion facial

A 4 step cleanse with steam, lactic acid peel, pumpkin enzyme exfoliation, microdermabrasion, hydrabrasion, multivitamin serum anti stress clay mask and full facial massage.

60 mins | $200

Radio Frequency Massage

RF energy massage repairs collagen by channeling energy into the collagen layer and repairing dying collagen cells and creating new cells. It gives instant results of tightening and firming the skin.

RF Facial massage
25 mins | $90
RF Decolletage
20 mins | $80
RF Neck
20 mins | $80

Ultrasound Infusion

Ultrasound has the ability to penetrate the dermal layer, infusing products to the live layer of the skin to improve cell metabolism, health and life span. Ultrasound also has healing properties for muscle fibres, strengthing and tightening facial muscles

10 mins | $60

OxygeneO Exfoliation

A combination of active ingredients are used to promote a carbon response on and in the skin. We naturally convert carbon to oxygen, this increases circulation, brightening and plumping the skin.

15 mins | $85

Super Facial

Including cleanse, OxygeneO Exfoliation, cleanse, RF Face massage, cleanse, Ultrasound infusion to face, neck and décolletage, finishing with cleanse, multivitamin, eye cream and SPF, immediate incredible results, with visible reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, extreme hydration and super soft skin.

75 mins | $299
with neck and décolletage
120 mins | $449


Light therapy designed to stimulate cell regeneration at the live layer of the skin to treat premature ageing, age spots, fine lines, pigmentation, rosacea, acne, can be a stand alone treatment or an add on to any facial for maximum results.

30 mins | $60

Skin Needling

Skin needling is the most effective anti-ageing treatment to date. Delivering the fastest and deepest results. A treatment designed to increase and birth new collagen and elastin, reduce scarring and fine lines as well as remove pigmentation. Treatment includes a numbing agent to alleviate sensations and growth factors as your after care, we recommend 4 for optimum results. Vampire Facial – Skin Needling Treatment

90 mins | $400


*Waxing all prices are subject to change based on individual requirements

Phyt’s Rivaderm Facial

A revitalising and re-energising treatment built on Chlorophyll and Rose Geranium to alkalise and soothe the skin and allow collagen cells to live in a healthy environment.

50 mins | $170

Phyt’s Anti-Comedone Faciel

A neutralising, cooling, healing and antibacterial treatment designed to improve the acid mantle and texture of the skin’s surface.

50 mins | $170

Phyt’s Multi-vita Facial

The ultimate anti-ageing, multivitamin filled facial with vitamins A, B, C, E, 14 mineral salts, 16 amino acids and ceveble wheat protein. This is the BEAUTY FLASH for your skin.

60 mins | $190

Joya Crystal Facial

A lymphatic drainage facial, using a combination of Jade, Rose Quartz and Amethyst crystal wands to optimise skin health with the gentlest massage movements, using an array of gentle hydrating products to heal your skin internally and externally.

60 mins | $180

Lira Vitabrite

Vitabrite Refresh, this powerful lira journey will take your skin to new heights of Bright, firm and beautifully you, this deep cleansing treatment uses the most potent combination of a layering of plant stem cells, peptides and calming ingredients to illuminate, plump and perfect your skin.

35 mins | $149

Body Treatments

Body, Polish and Hydration

A treatment to smooth and rehydrate the skin to remove dead skin cells by nourishing with Rococo treatment oil and hydrotherapy mineral salt, followed by body hydrating cream (includes shower).

35 mins | $95

Back Treatment – Mayerling

A four step treatment to cleanse, refine, purify and hydrate problematic skin with steam and extractions. Ideal for break-out prone skin types.

45 mins | $200

Foot Treatments

Deluxe Pedicure

Includes soak, cuticle treatment, removal of dead skin, exfoliation, massage, file buff and polish.

60 mins | $95

Lactic Foot Treatment

The deluxe pedicure includes an intensive lactic acid peel to remove calluses and excess dead skin.

75 mins | $115

Add on: Intensive Foot Masque Massage

A cooling peppermint intensive moisture treatment to soothe aching, swollen and hot feet.

15 mins | $25

Hand Treatments

DeAging Ultra Moisturising Hand Treatment

Includes S20 Nano Peel, cuticle treatment, removal of dead skin, exfoliation massage, hot paraffin replenishing mask, file, buff and clear polish.

60 mins | $90


Full body massage

*women only

60 mins | $150
90 mins | $180

Hot stone massage

River stones heated to a comforting warm temperature to soothe and relax the muscles.
*women only

60 mins | $180
90 mins | $230


Eyebrow Tint/Bleach

15mins | $25

Eyelash Tint

30mins | $31

Eyelash and Brow Tint

30mins | $50

Lash tint, brow tint and brow tidy



*Waxing all prices are subject to change based on individual requirements



Tidy | Shape

$25 | $30
15mins (each)

Cheek Bones

15mins | $15


15 mins | $20

Upper/Lower Lip

15mins | $20 (each)



15mins | $20

Jaw Line & Chin

15mins | $25



15mins | $25

Half Arm

30mins | $35

Full Arm

30mins | $50


Bikini Line

15mins | $40


30mins | $45

1st Brazilian or 5 weeks plus growth

45mins | $80


30mins | $55
(when rebooked within 4 weeks)


Top Leg

30mins | $45

Lower Leg

30mins | $30

¾ Leg

30mins | $50

Full Leg

45mins | $70

Men’s Waxing

*Waxing all prices are subject to change based on individual requirements

Eyebrow Shape

15mins | $30


30mins | $60


30mins | $75

Full Leg

45mins | $80


Mine Tan Organic spray tan - 2 hour organic tan.

Full Body Spray Tan

20mins | $50
$10 add on for an extra layer

Take Home Cream Tan


Tan Extender Cream



The Sunlighten Infrared Sauna raises the core body temperature to eliminate toxins, aid in weight loss, soothe muscles pains, clear and soften skin, heal the body from the inside out. Sessions are 45mins.

Entry special 2 saunas


Individual Sauna


Prepay 5 – 3 month expiry


Prepay 5 – 2 week expiry


Thermofoil Add On


LED Light Facial Therapy


Glycolic Acid Facial Mask



Redeemable Monday-Friday. Saturday's charge rate $100, with lashes $130.
Jane Iredale Make up Application

(redeemable for product)

40 mins | $125

False Lash Application

Half Set
Full Set

VIP Programs

Join our VIP Program and for every $100 spent on any retail products you will receive a stamp. When the stamps reach a value of $500 you have spent $500 you will receive a $50 service voucher to spend on any deluxe facial treatment.

Gift Vouchers

Treat your family and friends with one of our personalised gift vouchers. You can choose a beauty package, specific treatment or the dollar amount you wish to give. You may choose a different treatment but unfortunately we cannot substitute a product for the treatment value. Gift vouchers are valid for 6 months, so please make an appointment as soon as possible. Unfortunately lost or expired gift vouchers cannot be redeemed.

Booking and Cancellation Policy

Due to high demand for our services and appointments we do require a $50 deposit to confirm all facial appointments. With appointment changes please ensure this is arranged prior to the 48 hours appointment reminder, otherwise a fee will be charged. If you fail to attend your confirmed appointment, the total treatment cost will be charged.

When using your treatment voucher the same cancellation policy applies, to avoid any of these charges please give 48 hours notice if you cannot make your appointment. If you fail to attend your confirmed appointment, the treatment voucher will be cancelled.

Terms are binding.

Embellish Inc. does not accept returns on products.